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The concept of trust in Spain

In Spain, the transfer of guarantee rights requires an agreement between the financing parties, formalized in a power of attorney and registered in the Registry, This prejudices the quotas liquidity.

New regulation on Foundations in Spain

The draft Law on Foundations in Spain intends to guarantee the better exercise of the right of establishment and compliance with the accompanying obligations arising from formation, not only through the foundation itself – through the purpose which justifies its existence – but also the public administrations that monitor its performance and grant, if need be, tax benefits to them.

News about the legal conditions of recruitment in Spain

The legal conditions of recruitment in Spain require the employer to provide the consumer with additional information prior to signing the contract. This additional information must be relevant, truthful and sufficient about the main characteristics of the contract especially with regards to their legal and economic conditions.

The Use of the Electronic Cigarette in Spain

The use of the electronic cigarette in Spain is being partially regulated in accordance with the Law 28/2005 in order to comply with health and safety regulations. Although the use of electronic cigarettes is not limited to all of the same restrictions as smoking (e.g. indoors: public administration buildings), it does restrict their sale to minors and it also regulates advertisements for electronic cigarettes which may no be broadcast during the hours of children´s television for example.