Commercial Litigation in Spain

Our firm has extensive experience representing companies in litigation and arbitration, providing tailored solutions for each case. We advise national and international companies across all industries and represent them in all relevant judicial and extrajudicial proceedings, primarily of commercial debts.

We cover a wide range of disputes, including:

  • Civil and commercial disputes between companies
  • Corporate disputes arising from sales transactions or internal matters
  • Damage claims for breaches of contracts
  • Exequatur and enforcement of foreign judgments
  • Disputes arising from real estate, building and infrastructure projects
  • Sector-specific litigations, such as those in the energy, life & sciences, and aerospace sectors
  • Litigation in the banking and insurance sectors

Our services include:

Services in Procedural, Civil, Commercial and Labour Law

  • Legal advice and guidance throughout all phases of the proceedings
  • Legal observations on the risks associated with specific situations
  • Preventive studies to identify potential legal risks and proactive strategies to avoid them
  • Pre-trial strategies to ensure our clients’ interests are well defended.

Services in Domestic and International Arbitration

  • Expert guidance in the selection of arbitration courts and applicable laws
  • Assistance with drafting a submission to arbitration clauses and framework of legal norms
  • Representation in both domestic and international arbitration proceedings
  • Handling the exequatur and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards
  • Contestation of arbitral awards

Mediating Services

  • Representation in civil, commercial, labour and copyright proceedings
  • Acting as mediators, helping parties reach mutually beneficial agreements outside a formal legal process

Out-of-Court Procedures

  • Formal pre-judicial demand to the debtor
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Interruption and/or suspension of prescription periods
  • Agreements for debt acknowledgement and deferred payment
  • Formalization of personal or real guarantees to ensure credit repayment