Mariscal & Abogados has advised clients (mainly foreign investors) for more than twenty years on their entry to the Spanish market through company mergers or acquisitions. We are particularly specialized in providing legal advice on international transactions.

Our team of lawyers is composed of experts in the planning and execution of company mergers and acquisitions of all types and sectors. We offer legal advice to both buyers and sellers through a comprehensive legal analysis of each operation. We facilitate the negotiations to achieve the most advantageous results for our clients.

Some of our areas of expertise include the following:

Company acquisition processes

We advise our clients during the process of acquiring companies. Whether on behalf of the buyer or seller, we offer a comprehensive service from the execution of the legal due diligence to the signing of the sale contract and subsequent operations.

Buying and selling of assets or business units

We provide legal assistance with business units and areas, the purchasing and selling of assets, preparing the prior legal analysis to these types of operations and drafting the necessary contracts for the effective transfer. Furthermore, we design with the client the necessary corporate structure that should accompany the operation in each case.


We advise our clients, whether they be of the same group or of separate companies, in the restructuring processes of companies through the merger of businesses.

Other structural changes of companies

We adapt to the needs of our clients by advising them on the modification of their corporate structures, whether it be through the transformation of one type of commercial enterprise into another, the transfer of business branches, the division or global assignment of assets and liabilities, etc.

Domicile transfer abroad or from abroad to Spain

Our position as a group of international attorneys allows us to respond adequately to the growing demand to internationalize companies and businesses. We advise our clients both in the relocation of Spanish businesses abroad and in the relocation of foreign businesses to Spain according to the legal system under which they may have been incorporated.