Summary of news on current events in the most relevant sectors of the Spanish economy.

Abandoned villages in Spain

Why invest in abandoned villages in Spain?

Improvements to the availability of universal basic services and the reduction of the “digital divide” are key reasons for the increasing interest in rural areas in Spain. Solving the challenges presented by depopulation, ageing and the relocation of the younger generations from rural areas will improve investment opportunities.

Brexit & Passporting Rights

Will the loss of passporting rights affect London’s status as the financial hub of the world ? 

Passporting rights allow banks, companies and financial services firms to operate their business in any EU or European Economic Area country. Brexit would imply the loss of these rights, forcing these companies to leave the UK.

Biotechnology’s eleven colours

The Convention on Biological Diversity of 1992 defines biotechnologie,whose fields of application follw the colours of the rainbow and encompasses the agricultural, industrial and environmental sectors among others.

Good Prospects for Wind Power Energy in Spain

Spain is a world leading contributor in wind power technology, consequently building a great presence in the world as well as contributing 17% of the country’s electricity needs.