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54 2022 EN 300 vasp licence spain

How to obtain a VASP licence

The VASP license entails a registration procedure with the Bank of Spain for companies intending to engage in cryptocurrency-related activities in Spain. To successfully obtain the VASP license, companies must gather and submit various required documents and forms.

05 2023 real estate investment Spain

Real estate investment models in Spain

Rental demand is experiencing rapid growth in Spain, giving rise to new real estate investment models. Build to rent, rent to rent, coliving and senior living are clear examples of this trend.

49 2022 EN 300 restructuring plans Spain

Restructuring Plans (RPs) in Spain

In the event of insolvency, imminent insolvency or the likelihood of an insolvency situation, a debtor may enter negotiations to draw up a restructuring plan.

53 2022 Establishment of a Spanish Branch

Establishment of a Spanish Branch in Spain in 10 steps

Opening of a bank account for the establishment of a Spanish branch in Spain is only mandatory if the branch will be granted funds.

elements lease purchase-agreement

Core elements of the lease-purchase agreement

A lease-purchase contract is a lease contract that implies the unilateral right of the tenant to buy the property for a fixed or determinable price after an agreed time. In the following infographic, we summarise its advantages and disadvantages for tenants and landlords.

Colors of hydrogen

Do you know the hydrogen colours?

Hydrogen is a colourless gas. The international designation of hydrogen colours makes it possible to classify the different production methods according to the amount of CO2 they release.

create startup spain

Create a Startup in Spain

Do you want to create a startup in Spain? The new startup law makes it easy for you.

remedy equity imbalance Spain

How can companies remedy the equity imbalance in Spain?

Equity imbalance occurs when the accumulated losses reduce the equity to an amount less than half of the share capital (provided it is not appropriate to request the declaration of insolvency). The Spanish Companies Act (LSC) considers equity imbalance as grounds for the dissolution of the company.

clauses deposit contract

Essential clauses of the deposit contract in real estate transactions

The clauses of the deposit contract establish the conditions of the future real estate transaction. Among others: the description of the property, the identification of the parties or the conditions of the sale.

regulation temporary contracts spain

Regulation of temporary contracts in Spain

Royal Decree-Law 32/2021 comes into force to finish with temporary and precarious employment in Spain. This new regulation establishes that all employment contracts concluded in Spain are indefinite and sets out the requirements and circumstances of temporary contracts.