Miguel Mariscal | Mariscal & Abogados

Miguel Mariscal

Founder of the firm (2001) and expert lawyer in real estate, property law, ICT and copyright law

Mariano Jiménez | Mariscal & Abogados

Mariano Jiménez

Managing Partner of the firm, expert lawyer in civil, commercial and labour litigation and arbitration

Karl H. Lincke | Mariscal Abogados

Karl H. Lincke

Partner, Abogado & Rechtsanwalt, specialist in mergers & acquisitions, company law and TMT law

Alberto Álvarez | Mariscal Abogados

Alberto Álvarez

Partner and expert lawyer in M & A, insolvency and restructuring, company law and commercial contracts

Irene Terrazas | Mariscal Abogados

Irene Terrazas

Partner and expert lawyer in energy law, public procurement and business law in Spain

José María Mesa

Partner and expert lawyer in company law, M&A, commercial contracts and insolvency law


Madrid Lawyers

Melissa Aguilar | Mariscal & Abogados

Melissa Aguilar

Tax lawyer with expertise in tax planning, international taxation and transfer pricing

Mercedes Guitían | Mariscal & Abogados

Mercedes Guitián

Corporate law and Mergers & Acquisitions in Spain

Nicolás Melchior | Mariscal & Abogados

Nicolás Melchior

Expert lawyer in real estate, ICT and e-commerce and commercial contracts

Marcia Ponce | Mariscal Abogados

Marcia Ponce

Expert lawyer in commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, and labour law

Virginia Ramírez

Lawyer specialising in labour law, Social Security and immigration law

Rosario Rodríguez | Mariscal & Abogados

Rosario Rodríguez

Lawyer specialising in labour law, Social Security and immigration law

Ruth Trullenque

Expert lawyer in mergers and acquisitions, defense and aerospace

Marketing & Comunication


Laura Bernat

Mayte Simón | Mariscal & Abogados

María Teresa Simón

Samantha Bartl

External Partners

J. Borja Barrionuevo | Trade Unions Legal Advice

J. Borja Barrionuevo

Of Counsel Employment, human resources and trade unions legal advice

Alexander Zuazo | Abogado Propiedad Industrial

Alexander Zuazo

Expert lawyer in Industrial Property Law in Spain


Barcelona Lawyers

Xavier Pareja

Expert lawyer in construction, real estate and inheritance law

Esther Rojo

Specialist lawyer in administrative and litigation law in Spain

Eva Sagristá

Expert lawyer in Corporate Law and International Contracting in Spain

Alba Compairé

Expert lawyer in economic criminal law and public law in Spain

Arnau Muriá

Expert lawyer in international private law and Mexican procedural law


International Team of Lawyers

María García

Specialist lawyer in commercial litigation and health care law in Miami

Telmo Semião | Abogado Mariscal Portugal

Telmo Semião

Expert lawyer in criminal, civil and labour litigation


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Mariscal Abogados is a law firm situated in the centre of Madrid characterized by its international focus. We offer internships to students finishing a Law Degree or a Translation Degree.

Internships are a unique experience for students to apply their knowledge and skills, gain firsthand experience in the labour market, understand the internal running of a company and define their career goals. At Mariscal Abogados, students develop and complement their academic knowledge and improve their professional skills while integrating a young and dynamic international team. Read our students’ testimonials.

Availability: January 2025