Mariscal & Abogados relies on a team of labour lawyers specialized in the labour field. Our international training allows us to give support to national and foreign companies that require labour advice in Spain, among others on the following areas:


Our services in labor contracting are very extensive. We advise on the drafting and modification of employment contracts adapting them to the specific needs and structure of the company. We revise the contractual clauses adapting them to the legal regulations in force in Spain – data protection clauses in line with the new GDPR, for example-. We also advise during the termination contract’s phase, offering solutions and pacts.


Our services cover both the drafting of senior management employment contracts and their revision, including golden parachute clauses and non-compete clauses. In this sense, our work also involves the study of the clauses in force, as well as the possibilities of non-compliance on the part of senior management.

We advise the company in cases of termination of the employment relationship, both in terms of negotiation with senior management, and in the drafting of termination agreements.


In the area of collective bargaining, our functions range from negotiating collective agreements and agreements to advising on retirement processes o reemployment in case of large redundancies. Our services also include negotiations with workers’ representatives and trade unions, as well as consultations with the advisory committees of collective agreements.

We participate in all phases of employment regulation proceedings, preparing the necessary documentation and mediating in negotiations with advisory committees, in individual negotiations with workers and in communications with the relevant labour authorities.

We process temporary employment regulation files (Expediente Temporal de Regulación de Empleo or ERTE), due to force majeure (as with the COVID-19 case) and to objective causes.


Our team of lawyers has extensive experience before the Spanish Social Courts. We have participated in all kinds of procedures, from dismissal procedures, to procedures for claiming an amount in which the recognition of the employment of a false self-employed is raised.