The temporary joint venture in Spain

Temporary Business Association or UTE, a method of incorporation in Spain

Foreign companies can achieve entry into the Spanish market through collaboration with local companies. This collaboration offers appealing advantages, such as the costs and risks reduction associated with their expansion. In this context, companies may decide establishing a temporary business association (UTE), a structure governed by Law 18/1982 dated 26 May 1982 in Spain.

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3-2024 FOCO and Next-Tech Funds in Spain

FOCO and Next-Tech Funds in Spain: Opportunities for Foreign Venture Capital Funds

As part of the efforts to stimulate the digital economy in Spain, the FOCO and Next-Tech Funds represent an appealing opportunity for foreign investors seeking to access the Spanish market and capitalize on its growth potential.

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63-2023 Requirements and Procedure to Access the Benefits of the Startup Law

Requirements and Procedures for Accessing the Benefits of the Startup Law in Spain

The innovation and scalability characteristics of companies aiming to benefit from the Startup Law have recently been defined and developed in Order PCM/825/2023 of 20 July. It establishes the general presumptions and characteristics that startup applicants must meet to qualify and be certified as “startups” by ENISA.

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2-2024 Foreign Venture Capital Funds: Why Spain

Spain: An Attractive Destination for Foreign Venture Capital Funds

Spain is consolidating as an increasingly attractive destination for Venture Capital Funds. Economic stability, internal market consistency, and governmental support, among other factors, drive a constant growth in profitability for both national and foreign investors.

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57-2023 Clauses in investment rounds

Key Clauses in Investment Rounds

In an investment round of a startup, the shareholders usually sign an investment and/or a shareholders’ agreement to establish the guidelines for their arising relationship. Although the specifics may differ based on each company and its shareholders, these agreements usually contain some key clauses. In this article, Carla Rissmann provides an explanation of the content and purpose of these clauses.

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1-2024 The Economic Unit in the Context of a Partial Spin-off

The Economic Unit: Fundamental Pillar in Partial Spin-offs

The economic unit encompasses the active and passive elements constituting a ‘company’ or ‘autonomous productive unit’ within the company. The transfer of an authentic economic unit is an essential requirement for partial spin-offs in Spain.

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64-2023 Venture Capital Funds Financing Rounds

Key Issues and Clauses for Venture Capital Funds in Financing Rounds

Venture capital funds provide companies with the necessary liquidity for their growth and development, typically through a process known as a funding round. In these processes, it is essential to assess the key issues and contractual clauses that these entities must consider to ensure the success of their investments.

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61-2023 Balancing Service Providers in Spain

Becoming a Balancing Service Provider (BSP) in electricity trading in Spain

Becoming a Balancing Service Provider under Red Eléctrica Española involves meeting specific criteria that include financial, technical, and legal aspects. It requires demonstrating economic solvency and technical and operational capacity. Additionally, obtaining authorization to access the electricity grid and strict compliance with regulations are necessary to ensure transparency and efficiency in the electricity supply.

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58-2023 Professional Employment Organisations in Spain

Examining the Legality of Worker Assignments by Professional Employment Organisations (PEOs) in Spain

In recent years, the use of Professional Employment Organisations by foreign companies to hire workers in Spain without registering with the Spanish authorities, has become increasingly popular. Although this practice is legal in many EU countries, it can result in the declaration of an illegal transfer of workers within the Spanish legal system.

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54 2023 Considerations for startups during funding rounds

Critical Considerations for Startups During Funding Rounds

Securing capital is vital for startup success, and funding round are pivotal. Clear objectives, meeting diverse investors, precise structuring, legal compliance, thorough due diligence, and transparent negotiation are crucial.

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