grid connection feed-in permits

Energy Law in Spain (1): New regulation for grid connection and feed-in permits

Royal Decree 1183/2020, of 29th December 2020, introduces relevant modifications on grid connection and feed-in permits for energy projects in Spain. An overview of the essential aspects of the new regulations.

general shareholder telematic meetings

PLCs and LLCs in Spain will qualify to hold General Shareholders’ Meetings exclusively through telematic means

Law 5/2021, dated 12 April, which amends the Revised Text of the Spanish Capital Companies Act, introduces the possibility of holding general shareholders’ meetings exclusively through telematic means.

The Managing Director in Spain

The Role of the Managing Director Spain

The Board of Directors may appoint from its members a managing director and delegate to him all powers permitted by law. The following article describes the appointment procedure and details his or her powers according to Spanish law.

Spain’s new Act renews the focus on Startups

In February 2021, Spain’s government announced its Entrepreneurial Strategy, including a new Startup Act, to make Spain a more entrepreneurial country by 2030. The ten-year plan involves 50 additional measures and will endow Spain with a powerful presence in Europe, whilst revitalising the economic sectors after COVID.

The calculation of collective dismissals thresholds

Timing rules in the calculation of collective dismissals

The new CJEU judgment questions the interpretation of Spanish case law regarding the calculation of collective dismissals thresholds, also known as ‘the timing rules’.

New sanctions for failure to deposit annual accounts

Spain applies new sanctions for failure to deposit annual accounts

Spanish capital companies must submit their annual accounts to the General Meeting for approval and file them before the Commercial Registry. The entry into force of RD 2/2021 on 1/2/2021 opens the door to apply the sanction regime for failure to do so in due time.

Cash Pooling Agreement

What is a Cash Pooling Agreement?

The Cash Pooling agreement facilitates the financial operations of companies, especially when operating in different countries. It allows a daily set of automatic inter-company loans to optimize the group’s global position, obtaining a single balance for each bank with which it operates.

The European order for payment procedure Spain

Particularities of the European order for payment procedure in Spain

The European order for payment procedure is a creditor-friendly procedure increasingly used for cross-border debt collection within the European Union. However, its successful implementation in Spain is sometimes more complicated than expected. Find out the best practices for conducting a European order for payment procedure in Spain!

The enforcement of financial guarantees in photovoltaic projects

The enforcement of financial guarantees in photovoltaic projects: The Royal Decree-law 23/2020

Royal Decree-law 23/2020 approves a new framework that identifies a series of steps to develop energy projects in Spain. It highlights a higher degree of compliance and certainty for the energy market but implies a higher level of risk for developers and investors.

Arbitration in Spain

Arbitration in Spain in times of COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, arbitration stands out as an advantageous alternative to settle legal disputes between companies. The ordinary jurisdiction has suffered a slowdown in its processes and does not provide the fast and effective response demanded by current market operators.