09 2024 Common assets division in real estate co-ownership

Real Estate Co-Ownership in Spain: the Common Assets Division

In Spain, shared ownership of real estate can pose challenges due to diverging interests among co-owners. The Spanish Civil Code provides solutions in Article 400 et seq. for these situations.

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08 2024 The CAE Agreement in Spain

The CAE Agreement in Spain: Parties and Provisions

The minimum content of the CAE Agreement, designed for the procurement or transfer of energy savings by a delegated or obligated entity, is outlined in Order TED/815/2023, dated July 18th. This order partially elaborates on Royal Decree 36/2023, of January 24th, governing the system of Energy Saving Certificates in Spain.

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13 2024 Judicial approval of restructuring plans in Spain

Judicial Approval and Challenges to Restructuring Plans in Spain

The judicial approval of a restructuring plan represents a vital mechanism for the debtor, protecting essential business aspects necessary to ensure survival.

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06 2024 The energy savings certificates (CAE or ESC)

The Energy Savings Certificates (CAE) System in Spain: Origins, Stakeholders, and Process

The Energy Savings Certificates (ESC System or CAE System in Spain) is a mechanism that incentivizes companies in Spain to invest in energy efficiency under government oversight. It functions by issuing electronic certificates (ESC), which verify the final energy savings achieved after implementing an energy efficiency performance. Additionally, it involves the establishment of a new economically relevant market for trading these instruments with third parties.

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12 2024 Phantom Shares Venture Capital

The Phantom Shares: A Strategic Tool of Venture Capital Funds

Phantom Shares are innovative incentives that mimic stock ownership without transferring actual ownership, offering beneficiaries future payments linked to business success. Discover how Phantom Shares drive talent retention and growth in venture capital funds.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Services in Spain

Legal framework for electric vehicle charging services in Spain

RD 184/22 establishes the legislative framework for companies wishing to enter the Spanish market as electric vehicle charging service providers. It sets out a series of obligations and rights in the provision of such services.

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05-2024 Digital Company Formation in Spain

Spain drives Digitalization: Legal Innovations in the Notarial, Registration, and Corporate areas

The Law 11/2023 introduces the establishment of limited liability companies through monetary contributions in a fully online process, thus streamlining commercial registration procedures in Spain.

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04-2024 The contract termination of Senior Managers

Senior Manager’s Role in Spain: Exploring Contract Termination Dynamics

The employment relations of Senior Management, regulated by Royal Decree 1382/1985 in Spain, have special conditions, especially concerning contract terminations, where the sometimes less favourable conditions for Senior Managers (compared to regular employees) generate frequent conflicts after the termination of the working relationship.

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65-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreements in Spain

Can my company apply for more than one collective bargaining agreement in Spain?

In a complex labor environment, companies engaged in diverse activites face uncertainty regarding the application of collective bargaining agreements in industrial relations. There is an ongoing debate about the feasibility of utilizing different agreements versus a single agreement. Critical factors such as corporate purpose, turnover, and contracting activities play a pivotal role in making this decision.

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The temporary joint venture in Spain

Temporary Business Association or UTE, a method of incorporation in Spain

Foreign companies can achieve entry into the Spanish market through collaboration with local companies. This collaboration offers appealing advantages, such as the costs and risks reduction associated with their expansion. In this context, companies may decide establishing a temporary business association (UTE), a structure governed by Law 18/1982 dated 26 May 1982 in Spain.

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