11 2022 Clauses of the business purchase agreement

Essential content in a business purchase agreement

The drafting of the business agreement is a fundamental step in the sale of businesses because it contains the elements that will define the development of the transaction and its success. Are you aware of the clauses to include?

41 2022 The recasting of articles of association in Spain

The updating or recasting of articles of association

The articles of association of limited liability companies are the rules governing its functioning and structure. When, over the years, the wording of these internal rules becomes obsolete, it is necessary to update or recast the articles of association.

43 2022 The sale of CBD in Spain

Is the sale of CBD legal in Spain?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical substance found in the Cannabis sativa plant, commonly known as cannabis or hemp. Its consumption has grown in popularity in recent years in several countries, including Spain. Cannabidiol stands out for its medicinal and therapeutic properties, which is why the Court of Justice of the European Union (CEJEU) has approved […]

45 2022 Dismissal due to temporary disability in Spain

Dismissal for temporary disability under Law 15/2022 in Spain

The novelties introduced by the new Law 15/2022 aim to prevent and eradicate discrimination in all areas of society when workers are on temporary disability leave.

35 2022 Challenge condominium owners’ association agreements

Can an owner challenge the agreements of the condominium owners’ association?

An owner who considers that a decision of the Board of Owners of the condominium owners’ association to which he belongs is detrimental to his interests or entails a severe detriment that he has no obligation to bear may challenge it through the courts.

37 2022 The order for payment procedure

Legal actions available to condominium owners association: The order for payment procedure

The Spanish Horizontal Property Law provides condominium owners association (COA) with two specific legal actions against defaulting co-owners or nuisance occupants. One of them is the order for payment procedure.

48 2022 The Create and Grow Law speeds up company formation

The Create and Grow Law speeds up company formations in Spain

The Create and Grow Law is a boost for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Spain, designed to remove obstacles to economic activities, reduce late payment practices in business transactions, and provide financial support for business growth.

Legal actions available to condominium owners associations: The action for cessation

The Spanish Horizontal Property Law provides for two specific actions for the condominium owners association in the event of nuisance or delinquent co-owners or occupants. One of them is the action for cessation.

38 2022 Why franchise your business in Spain?

Four reasons to franchise your business in Spain

The franchise agreement enhances the franchisor’s distribution of products and provision of services and enables the franchisor to create a uniform commercial distribution network.

Loyalty shares in Spain

Loyalty Shares: are they beneficial to the growth and stability of a company in the long term?

The concept of loyalty shares was heavily involved in the subsequent changes to the reform of the Spanish Companies Act (Ley de Sociedades de Capital). Its introduction aims to reinforce the attractiveness of the corporate regime in Spain to investors.