Company law and corporate governance refer to the appropriate company management and control structures as well as the rules which regulate the power relation between owner, administration board, etc. Its function is to protect the interests of the company and its shareholders and to eliminate, mitigate or resolve any conflict.

start-ups law spain

New Start-ups Law in Spain

It was necessary to create a specific regulatory framework for start-ups in Spain. They represent the basis of the new digital economy, create highly qualified jobs and have growth potential.

suspension for losses

Temporary suspension of the cause of dissolution for losses

With the end of the chaos of the world pandemic that disrupted the world’s economy, the Spanish government has declared suspensions of dissolution through Law Article 13 3/2020, 18th September. Our lawyer AGF explains it in the following article.

foreign director spain

Can a company in Spain appoint a Foreign Director?

The possibility of designating a Foreign Director is one of the most pertinent questions for foreign individuals and companies intending to develop a business via a capital company in Spain.

minority shareholders’ rights

Rights of minority shareholders in LLCs and PLCs in Spain

The Spanish Companies Act stipulates some actions to protect the rights of minority shareholders to ensure the continuity of the company.

general shareholder telematic meetings

PLCs and LLCs in Spain will qualify to hold General Shareholders’ Meetings exclusively through telematic means

Law 5/2021, dated 12 April, which amends the Revised Text of the Spanish Capital Companies Act, introduces the possibility of holding general shareholders’ meetings exclusively through telematic means.

The Managing Director in Spain

The Role of the Managing Director Spain

The Board of Directors may appoint from its members a managing director and delegate to him all powers permitted by law. The following article describes the appointment procedure and details his or her powers according to Spanish law.

New sanctions for failure to deposit annual accounts

Spain applies new sanctions for failure to deposit annual accounts

Spanish capital companies must submit their annual accounts to the General Meeting for approval and file them before the Commercial Registry. The entry into force of RD 2/2021 on 1/2/2021 opens the door to apply the sanction regime for failure to do so in due time.

Cash Pooling Agreement

What is a Cash Pooling Agreement?

The Cash Pooling agreement facilitates the financial operations of companies, especially when operating in different countries. It allows a daily set of automatic inter-company loans to optimize the group’s global position, obtaining a single balance for each bank with which it operates.

Is Company Directors’ Remuneration Tax deductible in Spain?

The remuneration of directors of a Spanish company is deductible from the corporate income tax. However, the company’s bylaws must expressly contemplate the remunerated character of the post, and the remuneration scheme used to pay the director must be determined with certainty.

Corporate crimes

Corporate crimes in Spain

The growing relevance of companies, their partners, and administrators as economic actors has also introduced the proliferation of corporate crimes such as false accounting, abusive and harmful agreements, or the denial of corporate rights.