Mergers & Acquisitions

57-2023 Clauses in investment rounds

Key Clauses in Investment Rounds

In an investment round of a startup, the shareholders usually sign an investment and/or a shareholders’ agreement to establish the guidelines for their arising relationship. Although the specifics may differ based on each company and its shareholders, these agreements usually contain some key clauses. In this article, Carla Rissmann provides an explanation of the content and purpose of these clauses.

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64-2023 Venture Capital Funds Financing Rounds

Key Issues and Clauses for Venture Capital Funds in Financing Rounds

Venture capital funds provide companies with the necessary liquidity for their growth and development, typically through a process known as a funding round. In these processes, it is essential to assess the key issues and contractual clauses that these entities must consider to ensure the success of their investments.

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