Company Law & Corporate Governance

Mariscal & Abogados provides its clients with agile, efficient and high quality services in the area of Company Law.

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in the international business environment, which allows us to provide legal solutions to the challenges posed by entrepreneurship and daily management of any business activity. Furthermore, our high-level specialization in consulting on complex commercial operations enables us to anticipate possible legal risks, ensuring that they are mitigated or, to the extent possible, eliminated.

We provide legal advice to our clients regarding their corporate obligations and, among others, the following issues:

Formation of companies

We provide legal advice from the very beginning of a business activity, by forming companies of all kinds. We specialize in the establishment of subsidiaries of foreign companies in Spain, as well as branches and representative offices. In this sense, our broad experience with foreign clients allows us to offer the best solutions and determine the measure that is best suited for the client’s investment needs.

Ready-made companies (“off the shelf”)

In order to facilitate the procedures necessary for setting up businesses, we offer the possibility of acquiring companies previously established and adapting them to the specific needs of the client.

Obligations and liability of administrators, shareholders and managers

Thanks to our extensive experience in the corporate area, we can successfully confront proceedings challenging a company’s resolutions and the liability of its administrators, shareholders and managers. We also provide counselling for the management bodies of different types of companies on the liability of administrators, shareholders and managers.

Running of the secretariat of companies: minutes, books and arrangements before the Commercial Register

We advise our clients on the running of the corporate secretariat, ensuring compliance with the main corporate obligations including, among others, the preparation of all types of corporate resolutions, annual statements, on-line legalization, and other periodic obligations.
Moreover, we have extensive experience participating on the Boards of Directors of various companies as secretaries, which allows us to devise and carry out corporate operations of all kinds and, if applicable, ensure their registration.

Dissolution and liquidation of companies

We advise our clients from the beginning of a business until its termination, including dissolution and the liquidation procedure of companies.

Information about companies registered in Spain

We provide our clients with access to information on the legal and financial status of Spanish companies enrolled in the Commercial Register. For example, information on its organizational and shareholder structure, annual statements and adopted corporate resolutions.