Business Law & Commercial Contracts

Business Lawyers in Spain

Mariscal & Abogados’ team relies on a wealth of experience regarding operations between merchants or inherently commercial ones at every level, in a domestic and international context. It is precisely this type of business, when an international element comes into play, that our lawers offer the client the added value of handling issues between companies of different nationalities and with the participation, to a greater or lesser extent, of foreign authorities and/or legal systems.

We provide legal advice and effective business solutions on the following issues:

  • Purchase/sale of companies, business branches and assets, in a domestic or international setting
  • Association contracts: joint venture, civil society, community of goods and shareholders’ agreements
  • Counsel in public acquisition and public sale offers and subscription of securities
  • Commercial purchase and sales, purchases/sales subject to specific rules, contracts with a purchase option, as well as all preliminary acts for them (e.g. pre-contracts and due diligence)
  • Commercial representation and distribution contracts such as agency, concession or franchise contracts
  • General B2B contracting conditions, including drafting and adapting to the Spanish legal system
  • Purchase/Sale contracts of merchandise on a national, european, or international level
  • Industrial property contracts, brand and patent contracts and other similar rights, as well as copyright contracts
  • Guarantee contracts, including commercial deposits, exchange endorsements, counter-guarantees and first requirement guarantees
  • Loan agreements, capital and business leasing and other forms of financing and financial management
  • Construction and service provision contracts, engineering contracts, outsourcing contracts and other leasing operations
  • All types of transport contracts, i.e. road, train, aerial, maritime or multimodal and logistics service contracts
  • Software and hardware acquisition contracts as well as the contracts for their distribution and the accessories for both, e-commerce contracting