Public Procurement

Public procurement is the administrative process by which a public sector entity starts an administrative procedure to select a private entity in order to meet a public necessity. It is a complex legal process due to the rigorous proceedings the public sector is subjected to in terms of the procurement of services or supplies, the execution of works, etc.

Mariscal & Abogados has extensive experience regarding the regulation applicable in all stages of procurement transactions in Spain.

We provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients on their rights and responsibilities during the public procurement procedure. Our procurement law expertise includes the following issues:

Precontracting phase: revision of conditions

We provide advice on the review and study of administrative and technical clauses in order to adjust the conditions of the contracting project to meet the needs of our clients.

Regarding public procurement, we advise our clients on the study and review of any draft or legislative project.

Proceedings and phases of public procurement

We advise in all phases and proceedings of procurement with the public sector, including the preparation, allocation and execution of any public contract.

Conflicts arising in public procurement

We advise our clients in the resolution of disputes that may arise from contracts with public entities, as well as in the preparation and filing of administrative and judicial proceedings.

Public-private collaboration projects

Our procurement lawyers are specialised in providing investment solutions and funding arrangements for public projects.