Insolvency Lawyers in Spain

Mariscal Abogados relies on a highly qualified team of insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers, with proven experience giving economic and legal advice to businesses and firms undergoing financial difficulties and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as to creditors of insolvent companies. We are members of the prestigious International Federation of Insolvency Professionals association, Insol Europe.

Legal counsel and assistance to creditors:

  • Representation of creditors in national and international insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings;
  • Judicial and out-of-court assistance to creditors to collect insolvent and bankrupt companies’ debts;
  • Liability of administrators for possible corporate debts to protect creditors’ economic interests.

Legal counsel and assistance to debtors:

  • How to deal with failure of a corporate body: reconstruction, re-financing and restructuring advice;
  • Representation of debtors in Court for insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Negotiation and settlement of debts and deferred payment;
  • Advising directors on how to protect them against liabilities and contingencies that might arise in insolvent and bankrupt companies.