Maximizing the return on your investment is crucial to your success, and that’s where we come in. Our team of tax specialists provides expert advice to medium and large companies, private equity and venture capital funds, majority shareholders of large companies, and family offices to ensure a tax-efficient structure in Spain.

Our comprehensive tax services include:

  • Corporate Tax Structuring: Whether you’re investing or undergoing an M&A transaction or joint venture, especially with a cross-border element, our team will guide you through the process to ensure optimal tax efficiency.
  • Transfer Pricing: We provide comprehensive transfer pricing services, including drafting relevant intercompany service agreements, and relying on our tax of counsels for specific matters.
  • Litigation: If you’re facing a tax dispute or investigation, our team has extensive experience navigating Spanish tax authorities to help you reach a favourable resolution.
  • Commercial and Trade: We provide expert advice on all aspects of international trade taxation, including customs, trade defence, export controls, and sanctions.
  • Employee Incentives and Benefits: We offer comprehensive support in designing, drafting, and implementing your employee incentives and benefits programs, providing tailored advice to a wide range of clients.

At Mariscal & Abogados, we are committed to providing clients with agile, efficient, and high-quality tax services that help maximize the return on their investment.