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Through our English, German, and French desks, overseen by native and bilingual staff, we provide comprehensive legal services in Spain.


Our international focus allows us to provide customer service in English, German, French and Spanish.

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Since its establishment in 2001, Mariscal Abogados has been a leader in offering legal counsel to companies seeking to establish and expand their business in Spain. Our extensive experience is an additional success factor for your business.

Recent publications

The Energy Savings Certificates (CAE) System in Spain: Origins, Stakeholders, and Process

The Energy Savings Certificates (ESC System or CAE System in Spain) is a mechanism that incentivizes companies in Spain to invest in energy efficiency under government oversight. It functions by issuing electronic certificates (ESC), which verify the final energy savings achieved after implementing an energy efficiency performance. Additionally, it involves the establishment of a new economically relevant market for trading these instruments with third parties.