French Desk

Legal solutions for French-speaking companies with interests in Spain

Historically, and due to geographic proximity, the relations between Spain and France have always been very close. The volume of trade between the two countries has been growing steadily in recent years, and France is its first business partner, its first customer, and the second supplier of Spain.

Spain hosts nearly 1.300 French companies, many in the automotive, retail, agri-food, and construction sectors. Similarly, many Spanish companies have subsidiaries, branches, and stores in France in the real estate, energy and textile industries.

Spain’s attractiveness relies on the superior qualifications of its workforce, the quality and modernity of its infrastructures, and its excellent relationship with Latin America. To which we can add the solid economic growth it is currently experiencing.

The opportunities for French companies in the Spanish market are not limited to strongly developed sectors such as the chemical, logistics, or automotive industries. The growth and excellence of the country offer new magnificent opportunities in rapidly growing sectors such as biotechnology, health, ICTs, renewable energies, aeronautical, agro-food, and environmental industries.

The French Department of Mariscal Abogados aims to strengthen the historical and geographical links that have always existed between France and Spain.

We offer legal advice in French to French companies with interests in the Spanish market and Spanish companies with commercial interests in France.

With Marcia Ponce, the firm has successfully created and developed a department that is now vital to satisfy the legal needs of its French clientele, with a particular attention focus on the strengths that characterize the firm: personalized attention and outstanding quality.

The French Desk is directed by Marcia Ponce.

Marcia Ponce

Marcia Ponce holds a Double Degree in Spanish French Law from the Paris 1-Sorbonne University and the Complutense University of Madrid. Additionally, Marcia has developed her professional career in French and Spanish law firms in Paris and Madrid.

Marcia combines her experience and knowledge of French Law and culture to provide immediate and personalised services to our French-speaking clients in Spain. As co-director of the French Desk, she oversees the support provided to French-speaking clients in implementing and developing their businesses in Spain. Thanks to her specialisation in Commercial Law, M&A and Labour Law, and the coordination with her team, French-speaking clients find in Marcia the perfect interlocutor to solve, with guarantees, any legal need they may have.

Marcia Ponce | Mariscal Abogados

With Marcia Ponce, the firm has successfully created and developed a vital department to address the legal requirements of French clients, focusing on tailored attention and proven quality.


The team of native and bilingual professionals directed by Marcia Ponce works collaboratively and transversally. The department has extensive experience providing comprehensive legal advice in the francophone market. Additionally, it benefits from a deep knowledge of French business culture.

The education and qualifications of the team enable us to offer a full range of services, agile response to our client’s expectations and offer the highest quality in our legal advisory services in all areas of law in Spain.