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04-2024 The contract termination of Senior Managers

Senior Manager’s Role in Spain: Exploring Contract Termination Dynamics

The employment relations of Senior Management, regulated by Royal Decree 1382/1985 in Spain, have special conditions, especially concerning contract terminations, where the sometimes less favourable conditions for Senior Managers (compared to regular employees) generate frequent conflicts after the termination of the working relationship.

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65-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreements in Spain

Can my company apply for more than one collective bargaining agreement in Spain?

In a complex labor environment, companies engaged in diverse activites face uncertainty regarding the application of collective bargaining agreements in industrial relations. There is an ongoing debate about the feasibility of utilizing different agreements versus a single agreement. Critical factors such as corporate purpose, turnover, and contracting activities play a pivotal role in making this decision.

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The temporary joint venture in Spain

Temporary Business Association or UTE, a method of incorporation in Spain

Foreign companies can achieve entry into the Spanish market through collaboration with local companies. This collaboration offers appealing advantages, such as the costs and risks reduction associated with their expansion. In this context, companies may decide establishing a temporary business association (UTE), a structure governed by Law 18/1982 dated 26 May 1982 in Spain.

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57-2023 Clauses in investment rounds

Key Clauses in Investment Rounds

In an investment round of a startup, the shareholders usually sign an investment and/or a shareholders’ agreement to establish the guidelines for their arising relationship. Although the specifics may differ based on each company and its shareholders, these agreements usually contain some key clauses. In this article, Carla Rissmann provides an explanation of the content and purpose of these clauses.

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