The lease-purchase contract

The Real Estate Lease-Purchase Contract in Spain

The real estate lease-purchase contract allows the rental of a property for a specific period and grants the tenant the right to buy it at a pre-determined price at the end of said period.

Setting-up branch Spain

Setting-up a branch in Spain?

A branch is a secondary establishment subordinate to its parent company, meaning that it is an extension of the parent company in Spanish territory and does not require a minimum share capital for its incorporation.

measures prevent insolvency

Mechanisms and measures to prevent corporate insolvency in Spain

Spain provides companies with a range of economic, labour, contractual, corporate, procedural and fiscal measures. The Covid-19 legislation complements them with new economic and procedural measures to prevent corporate insolvency.

energy lawyer Alberto Álvarez

Iberian Lawyer Forty under 40 Lawyer of the Year Energy 2021

On the 23rd September took place the Iberian Lawyer’s 2021 Forty under 40 Awards that recognized Alberto Álvarez as the Lawyer of the Year Energy.

open branch spain

Setting-up a branch or a subsidiary in Spain

Opening a branch in Spain does not require a minimum share capital. Opening a subsidiary, on the contrary, requires a minimum share capital of €3.000 for Limited Liability Companies (LLC) or €60.000 for Public Limited Company (PLC).

labour sanctions Spain

Labour sanctions in Spain increase as of 1st October 2021

With the validation of the law on distance work, Spain has modified article 40 of the Law on infringements and sanctions in the social order. The new amounts will enter into force on 1 October 2021 and will have no retroactive effect.

Cash Pooling

What is the Cash Pooling?

Cash pooling is not formally regulated in Spanish law; this type of contract has particularities with the current account, commercial commission and loan contracts.

digital disconnection policy

A digital disconnection policy is compulsory for companies in Spain

Article 18.2 of Law 10/2021 of 9 July on remote work establishes the obligation for companies to have an internal policy defining the modalities of exercising the right to disconnection and the training and awareness-raising actions for staff on the reasonable use of technological tools.

advantages wind energy

Advantages of wind energy in Spain

Inexhaustible, harmless, clean, safe, compatible and adaptable are just some of the characteristics of wind energy, a fundamental source of energy for the European and global ecological transition and for which Spain is the leading producer.

Interlocutor Único de Nudo IUN

The Interlocutor Único de Nudo (IUN)

Royal Decree 1183/2020, of 29th December 2020, includes substantial modification regarding the granting procedure concerning grid connection feed-in permits for energy projects in Spain. Important innovations concern notably the unification of the award procedure and the often-criticised ‘Interlocutor Único de Nudo’ (IUN).