Real estate law governs property transactions of immovable goods and rights that exist over them: sale of properties and real estate companies, leasing, etc. Construction law governs construction, regional planning and land use and it also governs the powers and obligations of land owners.

18 2023 Guarantees in the commercial lease agreement

Guarantees in Spanish Commercial Leases: What to Consider?

The LAU does not impose restrictions on additional guarantees in commercial leases in Spain, thus allowing the parties to negotiate the terms on a personalized basis.

59 2022 Confirmatory, penal and penitential deposits

Confirmatory, penal and penitential deposits, what is best for me?

In Spain, it is usual to sign an earnest money contract or “contrato de arras” as part of any real estate transaction. The figure of the arras or depostis, confirmatory, penal and penitential give legal security to the deal and reflect different levels of commitment.

26 2022 The operation of holiday tourist rentals in Spain

Limitations and prohibitions on the operation of holiday tourist rentals in Spain

The operation of holiday tourist rentals in Spain requires careful consideration of the existing restrictions. Public authorities, especially the Autonomous Communities and Town councils, and the communities of owners can impose obligations, limitations and prohibitions on these activities.

05 2023 Rental property investment in Spain

Real estate investment models in Spain, the rental boom

Although ownership has traditionally been the predominant form of housing tenure in Spain, the demand for rental accommodation is rapidly growing, giving rise to new models of rental property investment. Build to rent, rent to rent, coliving, and senior living are clear examples.

58 2022 Commercial leases in Spain

Commercial leases regulation in Spain

In Spain, commercial leases are not subject to strict regulations like residential leases, and it leaves a central role to the parties’ will when formalizing the corresponding contracts. However, the LAU contemplates some specific provisions worth considering.

23 2023 The New Spanish Housing Law

Highlights of the New Spanish Housing Law

On 25 May, Law 12/2023 was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), introducing significant changes to the housing sector in Spain. Highlights include the removal of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for annual rent reviews, rent control in stressed areas and modifications to eviction and foreclosure procedures, among others.

35 2022 Challenge condominium owners’ association agreements

Can an owner challenge the agreements of the condominium owners’ association?

An owner who considers that a decision of the Board of Owners of the condominium owners’ association to which he belongs is detrimental to his interests or entails a severe detriment that he has no obligation to bear may challenge it through the courts.

37 2022 The order for payment procedure

Legal actions available to condominium owners association: The order for payment procedure

The Spanish Horizontal Property Law provides condominium owners association (COA) with two specific legal actions against defaulting co-owners or nuisance occupants. One of them is the order for payment procedure.

Legal actions available to condominium owners associations: The action for cessation

The Spanish Horizontal Property Law provides for two specific actions for the condominium owners association in the event of nuisance or delinquent co-owners or occupants. One of them is the action for cessation.

horizontal property

The horizontal property regime in Spain: condominium

The horizontal property regime, the equivalent of the condominium in English, is established per se by the partition of a building or a housing development among several owners. However, its constitution through a master deed and its regulation by statutes or internal rules allows considering the particular needs of each homeowners association.