53 2022 Establishment of a Spanish Branch

Establishment of a Spanish Branch in Spain in 10 steps

Opening of a bank account for the establishment of a Spanish branch in Spain is only mandatory if the branch will be granted funds.

48 2022 The Create and Grow Law speeds up company formation

The Create and Grow Law speeds up company formations in Spain

The Create and Grow Law is a boost for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Spain, designed to remove obstacles to economic activities, reduce late payment practices in business transactions, and provide financial support for business growth.

Legal actions available to condominium owners associations: The action for cessation

The Spanish Horizontal Property Law provides for two specific actions for the condominium owners association in the event of nuisance or delinquent co-owners or occupants. One of them is the action for cessation.

38 2022 Why franchise your business in Spain?

Four reasons to franchise your business in Spain

The franchise agreement enhances the franchisor’s distribution of products and provision of services and enables the franchisor to create a uniform commercial distribution network.

Loyalty shares in Spain

Loyalty Shares: are they beneficial to the growth and stability of a company in the long term?

The concept of loyalty shares was heavily involved in the subsequent changes to the reform of the Spanish Companies Act (Ley de Sociedades de Capital). Its introduction aims to reinforce the attractiveness of the corporate regime in Spain to investors.

Arthur Bories

Arthur Bories, July – October 2022

I worked at Mariscal & Abogados for three months (July-October 2022). As a British and French student in the second year of my master’s degree at La Sorbonne, I applied to this firm to gain experience in Spanish law and in legal translation. My time at Mariscal & Abogados was very enjoyable and confirmed my […]

green hydrogen

Green hydrogen, the substitute for fossil fuels

Hydrogen is a highly reactive chemical acquired through a process known as electrolysis by which electrical currents facilitate the breakdown of water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen.

energy retailer Spain

Energy trading in Spain: requirements and market players

Energy retailers are companies that access the transmission or distribution networks, acquire energy and sell it to final customers. Registration as an energy retailer company requires fulfilling some requirements.

elements lease purchase-agreement

Core elements of the lease-purchase agreement

A lease-purchase contract is a lease contract that implies the unilateral right of the tenant to buy the property for a fixed or determinable price after an agreed time. In the following infographic, we summarise its advantages and disadvantages for tenants and landlords.

green hydrogen

Regulatory framework of green hydrogen in Spain

Hydrogen production is an industrial activity classified within the chemical industry to produce inorganic gas. Its regulatory framework is still limited in Spain; hence, the application of other regulations prevails.