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54 2022 EN 300 vasp licence spain

How to obtain a VASP licence

The VASP license entails a registration procedure with the Bank of Spain for companies intending to engage in cryptocurrency-related activities in Spain. To successfully obtain the VASP license, companies must gather and submit various required documents and forms.

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25 2023 Law firms as escrow agents

Law firms as escrow agents in business transactions

An escrow agreement is a contract between 3 parties: the buyer, the seller, and an impartial third party called the escrow agent. The escrow agent holds money or assets until certain terms of the agreement are met. Law firms can act as escrow agents, providing agility, security, trust and cost savings in business-to-business transactions.

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33 2023 General Conditions of Sale or GCS in Spain

General conditions of sale in Spain

The General Conditions of Sale constitute a fundamental contractual document for any company that wishes to operate in the Spanish market. These conditions vary depending on the type of client and the company’s sector of activity.

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48 2023 Recruitment of Highly Qualified Professionals

Recruiting Highly Qualified Professionals in Spain

In recent years, Spain has implemented various legislative changes in the realm of immigration, all geared towards facilitating the recruitment of Highly Qualified Professionals. These changes involve easing the criteria that companies must fulfill and implementing a more efficient processing procedure.

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17 2023 Global transfer of assets and liabilities

Global transfer of assets and liabilities in Spain

The global transfer of assets and liabilities is a type of corporate restructuring transaction that differs from similar operations in various ways, including its consideration. The straightforward nature of this procedure makes it a popular choice for companies seeking to transfer ownership or wind up their operations.

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