FOCO and Next-Tech Funds in Spain: Opportunities for Foreign Venture Capital Funds

In the dynamic context of international investment, Spain emerges as a strategic and appealing destination for foreign investment funds. With a favourable business environment, a robust legal infrastructure, and sustained economic growth, the Spanish market provides promising opportunities for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and achieve significant returns.

In this context, the public funds FOCO and Next-Tech stand out as prominent investment opportunities for investors looking to explore the Spanish market. These funds, focused on specific sectors such as technology, innovation, and startups, offer promising return potential and productive portfolio diversification.

In this regard, to assure foreign investment funds, the FOCO and Next-Tech Funds invest jointly with a foreign co-investor in the Spanish territory, as well as with technological, innovative, and sustainable companies. Foreign co-investors can be either public financial institutions (sovereign funds, public pension funds, etc.) or private foreign institutional investors (investment funds, pension funds, insurance companies, etc.). In this framework, the contributions of the foreign investor and the FOCO or Next-Tech Fund are always, at least, equivalent.

Co-Investment Fund (FOCO)

The FOCO Fund has an endowment of 2 billion euros and has an indefinite duration. Profits from funded investments are reinvested in new operations in line with the fund’s strategy and objectives to continue supporting the challenges associated with the sustainable transformation of the Spanish productive model.

The priority sectors of the FOCO Fund include increasing the production of renewable energy, energy efficiency, decarbonization of the economy, electric mobility, digitization of the business fabric and production processes, development of sustainable infrastructures, biotechnology, and sustainable agriculture.

Next-Tech Fund

The Next-Tech Fund has an endowment of 4 billion euros. It invests in venture capital funds, corporate vehicles, and companies directly.

The priority sectors of the Next-Tech Fund include digital and artificial intelligence, such as advanced data analytics, cloud computing, virtual reality, 3D printing and auditory manufacturing, green algorithms, blockchain technology, nanotechnology, and robotics, among others.

The FOCO and Next-Tech Funds represent an appealing opportunity for foreign investors seeking to enter the Spanish market and capitalize on its growth potential. We accompany investors at every stage of the process, providing expert advice and tailor-made solutions to drive the success of their investments in Spain.

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