53 2023 What is venture capital?

What is Venture Capital?

Venture Capital is a source of funding for start-up companies, contributing to their success in terms of growth, innovation and job creation.

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21 2023 Challenging the list of creditors

Challenging the list of creditors in Spain

Challenging the list of creditors refers to the legal process of questioning or contesting the inclusion or exclusion of specific creditors in a compiled list within an insolvency proceeding or arrangement with creditors. It allows parties, such as creditors, to dispute the accuracy, legitimacy, or completeness of the creditor list submitted by the debtor or the insolvency administration.

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09 2023 Business succession Spain

Business succession in the sale and purchase of assets in Spain

Business succession in the framework of asset sales and purchases takes place when a company acquires the assets of another to continue its activities. In Spain, Article 44 of the Workers’ Statute outlines labour and social security obligations of employers and protection measures for workers involved in this process.

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54 2022 VASP licence Spain

How to obtain a VASP licence in Spain

The VASP licence is a registration process with the Bank of Spain for companies seeking to operate a cryptocurrency activity in Spain. To successfully apply for the VASP license, companies need to collect and submit several documents and forms.

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