Measures for the promotion of domestic and foreign trade in Spain

Royal Decree Law 8/2014 has three main pillars: the first, encouraging competitiveness in Spain and an efficient functioning of the markets; the second, improving access to funding; and third, promoting employability and occupation.

In summary, the measures include:

  • The liberalization of business hours in major tourist cities
  • The reduction of trade commission on card payments
  • The simplification of the authorisation procedures for the installation and expansion of commercial establishments in the area of domestic trade
  • In terms of international trade, it establishes the regulatory development of bonds of internationalisation and flexibility of the Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises Foreign Investment Operations (FONPYME).

Furthermore, it also regulates the norm:

  • Privatisation of the Civil Registry
  • Authorisation of 200 extraordinary new entry places in the army for officials and deputy officials in 2014
  • The privatisation of AENA
  • Regulation of the natural gas market
  • Obligation to supply bottled gas
  • Commemoration of Picasso

All in all these measures will facilitate new investments, both domestic and foreign. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are assessing the possibility to start a project in Spain.

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