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Financing Support to Entrepreneurs in Spain

Some of the financing measures the Entrepreneurs Law introduces to support investments in Spain include the refinancing agreement, the procedure for appointment of an independent expert, the public deed mortgages and bonds of internationalization and the minimum share capital of mutual guarantee companies (MGC).

Initiation of an Entrepreneurial Activity in Spain

By means of Law 14/2013 (“Entrepreneurs Law”), Spain has undertaken different reforms to create growth and employment and promote the initiation of entrepreneurial activities. Some of these measures include the constitution of a company by public deed, the incorporation of a limited liability company using the DUE and the CIRCE systems without using their model bylaws and the discharge and onset of the activity of individual entrepreneurs and commercial corporations.

Investments by foreign citizens in Spain

Spain is a very attractive destination for foreign direct investment, not only foreign investments have helped develop high economic valued sectors as the automotive, biotechnology and agri-food industries, but also support the real estate sector, that is still very relevant.