Investments by foreign citizens in Spain

Spain is a very attractive destination for foreign direct investment, not only foreign investments have helped develop high economic valued sectors as the automotive, biotechnology and agri-food industries, but also support the real estate sector, that is still very relevant.

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Appealing reasons to invest in Spain

Spain is one of the countries with the largest economic growth in the short run. Its strong economic sectors and increasingly strong international focus places this country as one of the leading countries for the development of investment and internationalisation.

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Why investing in Spain?

More than one reason makes Spain one of the most strategic countries to invest in Europe: fiscal incentives, second most spoken language in the world, unique real estate opportunities. This presentation shows investors the key points and advantages.

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Invertir en España

Perspectives on Spanish investment in 2014

Spain provides excellent investment opportunities in 2014, especially in the real estate sector. The growth in Gross Domestic Product and improvement in the labour market seem to point towards the end of the crisis and bring more opportunities for profitable investment in Spain.

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España recomendación para inversión

Viva España

In the first few days of September, the investment company Morgan Stanley upgraded its growth outlook for Spain. The company recently launched its last report, Viva España, which outlines recommendations …

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