Viva España

In the first few days of September, the investment company Morgan Stanley upgraded its growth outlook for Spain.

The company recently launched its last report, Viva España, which outlines recommendations and places for investment.  Spain comes in first place, ahead of Italy and Germany.

The report emphasizes these main points in favour of Spain as a location recommended for investment:

  • The improvement of the macroeconomic perspectives for Spain (by an average of 1% between 2014 and 2015)
  • The rental values that fixed Spanish return presents (especially when compared to Italy)
  • The improvements in competitiveness and labour costs
  • The improvements concerning the application of structural reforms
  • The attempts to reduce the budget deficit, and
  • The base case scenario without tension at the European level

With the approval on September 19, 2013, of the Law to Support the Entrepreneur and Internationalization, the Spanish Government points to the report’s results that strengthen the foundations to facilitate foreign investment in our country.

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