Appealing reasons to invest in Spain

The internationalisation of a company increases its competitiveness as well as its sales and investments in international markets. A few Spanish companies have tried to gain returns in foreign markets: Mercadona, Inditex, El Corte Inglés, Ferrovial, FCC, Acciona, Gestamp, OHL, Prisa and Grupo Antolin-Irausa. All are perfect examples of the success of investing outside the country.

Quoting the High Commissioner of the Government for the Spanish Brand, Carlo Espinosa, the Spanish brand cannot be understood without the decisive contribution of foreign investments in the development, internationalisation, innovation and improvement in the competitiveness of our economy. As a result, Spain has become one of the favourite destinations for foreign investors.

According to the EY European Attractiveness Survey, Spain is the fourth largest recipient of foreign direct investments, only behind the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Furthermore, Spain has achieved a strong recovery in both the number of projects implemented in the country by foreign investors and in the value of Spain beyond its borders. Madrid and Barcelona are within the top ten cities considered the most attractive for investors in 2015.

Spain is an ideal country to invest in and develop internationalisation projects as it provides optimal conditions and competitive advantages:

  • Spain is the thirteenth largest economic power in the world and ranked fifth in the European Union concerning gross domestic product.
  • Spain is an excellent gateway to the European continent from South American countries as well as from Europe to Latin America, with a unique geographical position privileged to serve as an international platform for trade.
  • It has a highly qualified and competitive business and professional environment.
  • It has highly developed infrastructures and communications: Spain is the second country in the world and the first in Europe concerning high-speed rail networks, ranked first in the European Union for its network of motorways and roads, and excellent sea connections.
  • The country enjoys a mild climate favourable when locating businesses and operations.
  • Spain offers an excellent quality of life to both residents and visitors.

Spain has a powerful economic sector with high growing value thanks to its growing international orientation, its innovative effort and highly qualified professionals. It has a good reputation for foreign investment. These investments in Spain will create jobs and provide further incentives to the Spanish economy.

Statistics attest Spain to being one of the main recipients of foreign investments in Europe. After the crisis, the country has had a strong comeback and excellent prospects for developing internationalisation projects and investments.

Carlos Triana

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