Mariscal & Abogados runs agreements with different universities from U.K., U.S.A, France, Germany or Spain and offers internships to students in the fields of law, journalism and translation. If you are an university interested in advertising our offer or a student looking for an internship in Madrid, Spain, do not hesitate to contact Laura Bernat at

Marta Smolenska | Mariscal & Abogados

Marta Smolenska, April 2018 – June 2018

I spent over two months at Mariscal & Abogados and I would recommend doing the same to everyone studying Law. It is not only a chance to work with best lawyers in Spain, but also an opportunity to try myself in many areas of law under the tutelage of professionals. The variety of tasks that I […]

Ivana Pranjic | Mariscal & Abogados

Ivana Pranjic, January – June 2018

I was an intern at Mariscal & Abogados from January to June 2018. Before obtaining my degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka, I chose to go abroad and do my internship in a foreign country in an international law office. In search of international law practice I found Mariscal & Abogados thanks […]

William Lucas | Mariscal & Abogados

William Lucas, January – March 2018

I spent ten valuable weeks working at Mariscal & Abogados in Madrid as part of my year abroad from University College London where I study French & Spanish. I was keen to explore the possibility of pursuing a legal career by spending time in an international law firm. A major benefit of this internship programme […]

Marta Sadowska | Mariscal & Abogados

Marta Sadowska, September 2017 – January 2018

I took part at Mariscal & Abogados’s internship program from September to January 2018. I currently study International and European Business Law at ICADE in Madrid and I wanted to improve my knowledge of law and my language skills in a real law firm. My internship at Mariscal & Abogados was an amazing opportunity which […]

Anna Árkovits | Mariscal & Abogados

Anna Árkovits, September – December 2017

Doing my internship at Mariscal & Abogados in Madrid was the best choice I could have made. Sincerely, I had a great time in the past three months, because I learnt so much, I had many kinds of tasks to do, and everybody at the firm was so open and friendly with me. If I had […]

Benedetta Cerantola | Mariscal & Abogados

Benedetta Cerantola, February – June 2017

I was an intern at Mariscal & Abogados for three months, between the end of February and early in June. I very much enjoyed my time there. The Lawyers were very nice and willing to explain everything and help you, They really try their best to make you learn more. I was doing lots of […]

Gintare Gailiute | Mariscal & Abogados

Gintare Gailiute, October 2016 – April 2017

Before coming to Madrid and joining Mariscal & Abogados team I expected that half year of internship would pass forever, not even, the time at this international law firm has passed so fast that I did not even realise it! I carried out my international practical experience in Mariscal & Abogados as part of post-graduate […]

Maja Kapiczowska | Mariscal & Abogados

Maja Kapiczowska, October 2016 – February 2017

I took part in a post-graduate internship at Mariscal & Abogados within the frames of Erasmus+ programme. It enabled me not only to learn about the Spanish legal system, its procedures and rules seen from the practical point of view, but also to familiarize with organization and work culture of an international law firm. During […]

Guide to Law Studies in Germany

“Law is easy” is what student magazine “ZEIT Campus” entitles its interview with Thomas Fischer, the presiding judge of the Federal Court of Justice. The article quotes the judge as saying: “Law studies aren’t really difficult. It appears to me that it’s easier than physics, linguistics or electrical engineering”[1]. Whether or not studying law is […]

Jodie Fothergill | Mariscal & Abogados

Jodie Fothergill, September – December 2016

I took part in the Mariscal & Abogados internship programme from September to December 2016, as part of my year abroad at University College London, where I am in my third year of studying the BA Language and Culture. Translation has been a discipline of special interest to me throughout my studies which is why […]