Marta Smolenska, April 2018 – June 2018

Marta Smolenska | Mariscal & Abogados
Marta Smolenska

I spent over two months at Mariscal Abogados and I would recommend doing the same to everyone studying Law. It is not only a chance to work with best lawyers in Spain, but also an opportunity to try myself in many areas of law under the tutelage of professionals. The variety of tasks that I confronted and valued most is the following one: I cooperated with various law departments (Commercial, Civil, Labour), worked in translations (Spanish – English), I assisted to conferences and attended meetings with clients. Moreover, I was able to observe not only the judicial part of Mariscal Abogados‘ work – I helped carrying out activities related to finding clients, communication and research.

What is to underline is that everyone in the firm is willing to help in any possible way, so you can take full advantage of the experience offered by the company. Last but not least, you work in a multicultural environment that you can transfer on afterhours.

Marta Smolenska
University College London