Benedetta Cerantola, February – June 2017

Benedetta Cerantola | Mariscal & Abogados
Benedetta Cerantola

I was an intern at Mariscal Abogados for three months, between the end of February and early in June.

I very much enjoyed my time there. The Lawyers were very nice and willing to explain everything and help you, They really try their best to make you learn more.

I was doing lots of translation from Spanish to English and viceversa, and from French to English as well. My legal drafting skills definitely improved and so did my Legal English, my Legal Spanish and my Legal French.

Speaking at least 3 different languages every day is very challenging but also enriching. But it wasn’t just that. I truly enjoyed helping the Lawyers revising Contracts, especially in the field of Corporate Law and Sport Law.

Benedetta Cerantola
Universita degli studi de Padova