Jodie Fothergill, September – December 2016

Jodie Fothergill | Mariscal & Abogados
Jodie Fothergill

I took part in the Mariscal Abogados internship programme from September to December 2016, as part of my year abroad at University College London, where I am in my third year of studying the BA Language and Culture. Translation has been a discipline of special interest to me throughout my studies which is why I wished to expand my experience to legal translation. Mariscal Abogados gave me the opportunity to improve my translation skills and equally gain an insight into the international legal sector.

During my time here I worked on translations of legal articles covering many different sectors of the law, as well as collaborating with lawyers in the translation of documents for various international cases. I found it incredibly useful as I received feedback on all my translations, which really helped me to constructively improve my translations each time. I was also given the opportunity to write my own article for the firm to be published on their website, which allowed me to further investigate topics of interest to me.

Throughout my time here, I have improved my written communication in Spanish and English, translation skills, general legal knowledge as well as legal research, and I now feel more confident in pursuing an international career in the future.

Jodie Fothergill
University College London