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Renting: Another Option for Investment for Foreign Nationals in Spain

Act 14/2013 on Support to Entrepreneurs and Internationalization (the Act) became effective on September 28, 2013. The Act gives foreign investors the opportunity to live in Spain. Obtaining this residence permit is very advantageous for non-European citizens, and this permit allows them to circulate freely in Member States of the Schengen Area for three months […]

2013 was the Year of Foreign Investment in Spain

The rate of foreign investment in the Spanish real estate sector has grown by 1,4% in 2013 compared to 2012. Moreover, at the same time, the value of Spanish property decreased by 9,46% from the price recorded in 2012. Spain attracts foreign investors who can obtain legal residence and permission to work within Spanish territory by purchasing the property.

A Single Market for Mortgage Loans for Real Estate Contracts

On January 28, 2014, a majority of the members of the Council of the European Union adopted a Directive to grant more protection to persons participating in mortgage-loan proceedings. The Directive applies to all loan contracts of real estate for residential purposes. The Directive is novel in the panorama of European regulation because it is […]

Withdrawal of the lease agreement in Spain

The approval of the 4/2013 Act of June 4, on the relaxation and promotion of the housing rental market measures, amended Article 11 of the Urban Lease Act. According to the new draft, a lessee can withdraw from a lease agreement agreed to after the approval of the 4/2013 Act of June 4 once six […]

Recovery of the Investment in the Real Estate in Spain

Favourable conditions to invest in the real estate market in Spain are the strategy to promote foreign investment. The Spanish Government encourages foreign executives to reside in Spain, which has resulted in an increase of investments in non-residential property in Spain.In 2013, this increase in investments reached 2,000 million Euros.

Property purchase in Spain, an option for the spanish residence permit

Thanks to the new Spanish Internationalization and Entrepreneur Support Act 14/2013,, foreign investors and their family members may obtain a specific residence permit, which allows them to work and live in Spain. Foreign investors are mostly interested in purchasing real estate properties due to the current favourable conditions for this type of investment.

The role of the notary public during the purchasing of Real Estate in Spain

The notary plays an important role in the purchasing of real estate property in Spain. The notary deed has access to the Land Registry, which grants legal protection to the owner of the property against third parties. Moreover, the notary validates the legal capacities and identities of the parties, which is another legal protection that the Spanish legal system provides.

Perspectives on Spanish investment in 2014

Spain provides excellent investment opportunities in 2014, especially in the real estate sector. The growth in Gross Domestic Product and improvement in the labour market seem to point towards the end of the crisis and bring more opportunities for profitable investment in Spain.

The Urban Renting Act Reform in Spain

On May 23, 2013, the Spanish Government approved the 4/2013 Reform Act on the Urban Renting System, which partially amended the 29/1994 Act. It aims to correct the weakness of the current Spanish market for renting by promoting rentals given the low rate compared to the large number of unoccupied location units. This new regulation […]