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Leasing contracts in Spain: expenses and fees

Aside from the responsibility of the taxable person (landlord) with regard to the Administration, and the more or less logical justification that could support the payment of expenses and fees related to leasing in Spain (community, supplies, waste), in Spain there is a principle of freedom to establish which taxes and expenses must be passed on to the tenant.

The Right Time to invest in the Real Estate in Spain

The Spanish real estate market has begun their 2016 recovery and growth perspectives, which are promising so far. E: The real estate market is making progress and it is the right time to buy property in Spain. Prices are low, perspectives are positive and the market is dynamic. It is a prime time for individuals outside of Spain to invest in properties. However, it is important to understand the buying process in Spain to avoid complications.

Appealing reasons to invest in Spain

Spain is one of the countries with the largest economic growth in the short run. Its strong economic sectors and increasingly strong international focus places this country as one of the leading countries for the development of investment and internationalisation.

Why investing in Spain?

More than one reason makes Spain one of the most strategic countries to invest in Europe: fiscal incentives, second most spoken language in the world, unique real estate opportunities. This presentation shows investors the key points and advantages.