The new Insolvency Law – RDL 12020 – RDL 1-2020

Informative Note: The new Insolvency Law (RDL 1/2020)

In the following informative note, we address the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2020, of 5 May, that approves the redrafted text of the Insolvency Law, and revises its structure and key characteristics.

The arbitration clause in business contracts

The use of an arbitration clause in business contracts

The arbitration clause allows the parties to the contract to submit disputes arising from the contract to an arbitration court. To be valid, the clause must meet several requirements and its utility should be determined by balancing its advantages with its disadvantages.

50 y 51 2017 Transfer of business in Spain

Transfer of business in Spain: assets or share purchase agreement?

Read the full article: The sale of businesses through a contract of direct trade of shares Read the full article: The transfer of businesses under the asset purchase agreement This article is not considered as legal advice

Extension of temporary lay-offs (ERTE)

Extension of temporary lay-offs (ERTE) in Spain

Following the agreement signed between the Government and the social partners to extend the impact of the protection measures adopted during the state of alert, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration has adopted new measures for companies and workers, available from the 1st July until the 30th of September.

How to determine the insolvency status of the company

How to determine the insolvency status of the company in the insolvency proceedings

The state of insolvency obliges companies to apply for the insolvency proceedings. We analyse some facts that can help to identify this status, as well as the most commonly used accounting formulas to predict it: the acid test and the Altman Z-score.

How to apply for bankruptcy in Spain

How to apply for bankruptcy in Spain: Basic aspects and Deadlines

The Bankruptcy Law in Spain regulates the basic aspects and the deadlines within which companies should apply for bankruptcy when their situation does not allow them to fulfil their payment obligations on a regular basis.