Evolución precio vivienda españa

Housing Price Evolution in Spain

According to a report from Euroval, a Spanish appraisal firm, Barcelona and San Sebastian registered a higher value of apartments during the first half of 2013. Huelva and Lleida registered lower prices. The biggest range in prices of apartments was in Madrid: between 62 and 198 thousand euros.

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Application for Residence Visa by Acquiring Property

The article discusses the main steps in the process of acquiring property in Spain and how to apply for a residence visa based on the acquisition. The initial residence permit can be renewed for another set of 2 years by presenting the corresponding documents before the Large Companies Unit of the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

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The Spanish Registration System

Registration in the Spanish Registration system generally has a declarative character, but in some cases it might be of incorporation character and thus obligatory in order to provide protection. Once a proper registration has been carried out, it produces several favorable effects according to principles of legality, specialty and Chain of Title.

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Las perspectivas para la inversión en España

Foreign Investment in Spain continues to increase

A high number of foreign investments in Spain were recorded during the first half of 2013 and it is further expected to increase. Favorable factors for the increase are considered to be the drop in prices of property in Spain and the assistance to foreign investors provided in the draft of the Law to Support Entrepreneurs and Internationalization.

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Buying and Selling Homes in Spain

The article discusses the purchase of real estate in Spain by foreigners, providing statistics about the nationality of the buyers, the purposes of their purchases, top locations and an evaluation of the economic effects of these purchases.

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Steps when buying a property in Spain

The great variety of landscapes, excellent weather conditions, captivating history, delicious gastronomic offer and enthusiastic inhabits push more and more foreign citizens to not only spend their summer but furthermore buying a property in Spain. It is always advisable to rely on experienced Spanish lawyers to guarantee the success of the purchase.

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