52 2023 EN 300 labour laws Spain 2023

Spain’s Employment Evolution in 2023

A summary in infographic format of legislative amendments that significantly impacted the labor field in Spain throughout 2023, addressing essential issues affecting both employers and workers.

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54 2022 EN 300 vasp licence spain

How to obtain a VASP licence

The VASP license entails a registration procedure with the Bank of Spain for companies intending to engage in cryptocurrency-related activities in Spain. To successfully obtain the VASP license, companies must gather and submit various required documents and forms.

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05 2023 real estate investment Spain

Real estate investment models in Spain

Rental demand is experiencing rapid growth in Spain, giving rise to new real estate investment models. Build to rent, rent to rent, coliving and senior living are clear examples of this trend.

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elements lease purchase-agreement

Core elements of the lease-purchase agreement

A lease-purchase contract is a lease contract that implies the unilateral right of the tenant to buy the property for a fixed or determinable price after an agreed time. In the following infographic, we summarise its advantages and disadvantages for tenants and landlords.

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Do you know the hydrogen colours?

Hydrogen is a colourless gas. The international designation of hydrogen colours makes it possible to classify the different production methods according to the amount of CO2 they release.

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