circular 1/2021

Access rights and grid connection to transmission and distribution networks in Spain, Circular 1/2021

NCMC’s Circular 1/2021, dated 20 January, develops a regulatory framework whose primary purpose is to facilitate grid access to electricity producers, including energy storage facilities. It removes obstacles that could prevent access to new market operators and electricity from renewable energy sources.

minority shareholders’ rights

Rights of minority shareholders in LLCs and PLCs in Spain

The Spanish Companies Act stipulates some actions to protect the rights of minority shareholders to ensure the continuity of the company.

Spain Entrepreneurial Strategy

Spain’s Entrepreneurial Strategy: The main sectors involved

Spain’s Entrepreneurial Strategy will focus on various sectors to make Spain a fully entrepreneurial country by 2030. Industry, energy, telecommunications, or biotechnology are only some of the main sectors that will help with the conversion.

grid connection feed-in permits

Energy Law in Spain (1): New regulation for grid connection and feed-in permits

Royal Decree 1183/2020, of 29th December 2020, introduces relevant modifications on grid connection and feed-in permits for energy projects in Spain. An overview of the essential aspects of the new regulations.

enforcement financial guarantees

The enforcement of financial guarantees in photovoltaic projects in Spain

The submission and acceptance for prior administrative authorization, the favourable environmental impact statement, or the administrative authorization for construction are some administrative requirements established in the new Royal Decree-Law 23/2020.

general shareholder telematic meetings

PLCs and LLCs in Spain will qualify to hold General Shareholders’ Meetings exclusively through telematic means

Law 5/2021, dated 12 April, which amends the Revised Text of the Spanish Capital Companies Act, introduces the possibility of holding general shareholders’ meetings exclusively through telematic means.