moratoriums renting Spain

Moratorium on renting commercial premises in Spain, the RDL 15/2020

We analyse the requirements to apply the moratorium on the payment of rent on commercial premises, according to the provisions of RDL 15/2020 in the context of the State of Alarm decreed in Spain.

Spain: Support measures for companies and businesses

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How to apply for bankruptcy proceedings

How to apply for bankruptcy proceedings in Spain

Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 introduces changes to the deadlines for applying for bankruptcy proceedings in Spain, whether voluntary or necessary. It also empowers the judges to reject applications, up to two months after the end of the state of alarm.

Directors’ Liabilities during the state of alarm

Director’s Liabilities during the State of Alarm

Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 amends certain obligations of company directors when there is a legal or statutory cause for dissolution or if the company finds itself in a state of insolvency.

Company director versus senior manager

Company Representation in Spain: Company Director or Senior Manager?

Although the duties of company directors and senior managers may overlap, their rights and obligations to the company differ considerably. While the former is subject to commercial legislation, the latter is subject to labour law.

Insolvency measures of RDL 162020

Informative note on Insolvency Measures – RDL 16/2020

Informative note on the Royal Decree-Law 16/2020, of 28th April, regarding procedural and organisational measures to deal with Covid-19, especially concerning measures on insolvency proceedings.

Tips to better deal with working remotely

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