The German Stockmeier group acquires the international chemical division of Indukern

The German Stockmeier Group, based in Bielefeld (Germany), specialises in the production and supply of chemical products in Europe. With 1,300 workers, 23 locations in Germany and 40 worldwide, the multinational produces and markets 26,000 products. In its strategy for expansion within Europe, the group carried out the acquisition of the Sentmenat (Barcelona) production plant and Paterna (Valencia) from Indukern. The industrial chemical distribution of Indukern is now part of Stockmeier Chemie S.L.

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Peter Stockmeier, the managing partner of Stockmeier Group, said …the purchase of the division, (…), will allow us to obtain a leading position in chemical distribution in Spain. Our aim is to be among the top three chemical distributors in Europe, and with this acquisition we’ve taken a big step in this direction. We will expand our deal in Spain, and we will exploit the synergies with several of our European businesses.

Indukern, dedicated to the distribution of chemical products and added value solutions, develops and markets additives for animal health and nutrition, ingredients for fragrances and food solutions. Indukern also creates products for the chemical industry, API’s and pharmaceutical excipients. It belongs to the Spanish Indukern Group and is integrated with Calier -which is dedicated to the research, development, production and marketing of pharmacological and biological products for veterinary use- and Kern Pharma Consumer -a laboratory with several trade lines between those that focus on generic and ethical medicines-. With 1,800 employees, the Indukern Group has a presence in 16 countries.

According to Danial Diaz-Varela, the managing director of Indukern, the objective is to focus on the company’s four strategic areas: Fragrances and Food, Pharma, Animal Nutrition and Animal Health.

Mariscal Abogados has been the firm commissioned by the German Stockmeier Group. Since 2001, the Spanish firm offers legal advice to foreign clients. Among the most outstanding projects of the firm the procurement transactions of the German trailer manufacturer Krone, the world leader in comprehensive calibration services Trescal or the market leader in household services, Oui Care.

In the case of Stockmeier, the operation has been carried out through the sale of assets by the means of a Business Transfer Agreement. The team, as led by Karl H. Lincke, Lawyer in Spain and Germany, specialises in advising ‘Mittelstand’ businesses with their projects in Spain. Regarding the Stockmeier procurement transaction, the firm has undertaken the following tasks: due diligence reports, negotiations with the selling party, constitution of a special purpose vehicle, preparation of the contract and preparation of the contract for the buying and selling of assets and services. Mariscal Abogados has also provided advice on the subrogation of as many as 60 workers from the Business Unit and the ETT.

„Wir sind von der Kanzlei Mariscal & Abogados, persönlich H. Lincke und seinem Team im Rahmen der Akquisition bestens bei den Vertragsthemen unterstützt worden. Auch bei zeitkritischen Themen, wie beispielsweise der Gründung unserer neuen Firma, der Stockmeier Química S.L.U. in Spanien, sind wir jederzeit gut beraten und begleitet worden und bedanken uns herzlich für die sehr gute Zusammenarbeit“. Martin Schiwon – Geschäftsführer/CFO – Stockmeier Holding GmbH