Financing the acquisition of real estate in Spain

In Spain, banks usually finance real estate acquisitions through mortgages as well as other services. Borrowers run the risk of finding the liability for fees incurred by the appraisal of the property, notarisation of the mortgage and entry into the land registry shifted onto them.

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The forward purchase contract VS the forward funding contract in Spain

Forward purchase and forward funding contracts are particular kinds of contracts that perfectly meet the characteristics of a sales contract of a future good. These are two types of bilateral sales contracts of a future building concluded between an owner builder seller and an investor buyer. These contracts are often used in large real estate transactions.

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The sale of property under construction, an alternative to the crisis

Before the economic and financial crisis, the Spanish real estate and construction sectors constituted one of the pillars of the country’s economy and real estate promoters used to benefit from the support of national banks. Because of the crisis, the real estate market has sharply declined. Real estate promoters had to find alternative funding sources.

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