new regulation temporary contracts

The new regulation of temporary contracts in Spain

The entry into force of Royal Decree-Law 32/2021, of 28th December, aims to finish with the temporary employment and job insecurity in Spain. The rule presumes all indefinite contracts and establishes a new regulation of temporary contracts and their requirements.

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Temporary contracts in Spain and their termination

The temporary work experience contract, the temporary contract for a project or service or the temporary contract depending on production circumstances are the types of temporary contract that exist in Spain. They are all regulated by the Workers’ Statute and, despite their temporary nature, early termination may be considered as dismissal.

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Conversion of Temporary Contracts into Fixed Contracts in Spain

Temporary contracts will becomes permanent when, in a period of 30 months, the worker has been contracted for more than 24 months in the same company with two or more temporary contracts. In addition, time is also counted for the worker’s having provided services for the same group of companies even if they are different.

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