The advantages of arbitration vs. judicial procedure

Arbitration or judicial procedure?

Arbitration, as an alternative to judicial procedure, is a highly recommended alternative to conflict resolution. It offers great flexibility and freedom, and it allows for greater specialisation as provided by the arbitrators, which can be a very valuable feature in procedures with highly technical aspects

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The advantages of arbitration versus judicial procedure

Arbitration, as an alternative to judicial procedures for conflict resolution, has certain characteristics that make it highly recommended. Its advantages are, on the one hand, the quickness of the procedure, and on the other, the freedom that it offers in choosing the way in which procedures are conducted, such as the language, the place or the regulations applicable to them.

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Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Spain

Law on Arbitration 60/2013 guarantees that the foreign arbitral award will be recognised and performed in Spain. Nevertheless, issues may arise and thus national jurisdictions may oppose the recognition and performance of foreign arbitral awards. 

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Dispute Resolution in Advertising Law in Spain

There are several laws related to alternative dispute resolution of advertisement disagreements in Spain. Many measures have been set up so that the claimant/victim in an advertisement law dispute can get the compensation he/she deserves. However, this does not include damages, but mainly measures such as correcting the advertisement that caused the dispute or prohibitions of specific advertisements.

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Nullity of the contract of purchase of Bankia shares

In 2011, the entity Bankia made a public offering of shares (IPO), where the detail brochure, the only informative channel for small investors, distorted the veracity of the entity’s accounts. Five years later, the Supreme Court ratified the nullity of the purchase of shares.

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Out-of-Court Settlement & Modification to the Bankruptcy Act

An out-of-court settlement is a legal arrangement between parties outside of court and without a trial. Some of its benefits are the reduction in expenses and stress, its greater privacy, its predictability, finality and flexibility. In Spain, the modification to the Bankruptcy Act has introduced out-of-court settlement as an alternative to contestations and formal refinancing agreements.

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