Ley de emprendedores en España

New Modification in the Entrepreneur Draft Law

According to the latest modification to the draft of the new Law of Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs must provide certification of Ownership and Encumbrance attestating to their investment. The certification must contain an electronic verification code for online consultation.

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Support to Foreign Entrepreneurs in Spain

With the draft of the new ¨Law of Entrepreneurs¨, foreign investors from non-EU countries will be able to obtain an entry visa and a residential status with ease, as long as their entrepreneurial activity is of innovative character and special economic interest for Spain. Other general requirements for residency authorizations must also be met.

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The Spanish Entrepreneur’s Law close to approval on Friday

Vice President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria announced in Berlin that the Entrepreneur Law Project will be approved by the Spanish Council of Ministers this Friday. We await further details on what this means for clients interested in the Spanish Residency Permit for investors or property owners.

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