Arbitration in Spain

Arbitration in Spain in times of COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, arbitration stands out as an advantageous alternative to settle legal disputes between companies. The ordinary jurisdiction has suffered a slowdown in its processes and does not provide the fast and effective response demanded by current market operators.

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The advantages of arbitration vs. judicial procedure

Arbitration or judicial procedure?

Arbitration, as an alternative to judicial procedure, is a highly recommended alternative to conflict resolution. It offers great flexibility and freedom, and it allows for greater specialisation as provided by the arbitrators, which can be a very valuable feature in procedures with highly technical aspects

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Reform of the Arbitration Reform Act in Spain

The reform outlined in Law 11/2011, dated May 20, 2011, does not bring about drastic changes to the existing arbitration system. Nevertheless, it introduces significant advancements with the ultimate aim of fortifying and encouraging arbitration in Spain, seeking to establish the country as an appealing destination for international arbitration cases.

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