Measures to cover the needs of our clients

Given the serious difficulties that the state of alarm decreed in Spain implies for the majority of our clients, at Mariscal & Abogados we have created an ad hoc team of professionals in the labour, commercial and tax fields, to advise on the implementation of urgent measures to protect their businesses:

  • Temporary suspension of employment contracts
  • Reduction of working hours
  • Processing of social security contributions
  • Debt deferral and staged payments
  • Finally, filing for pre-insolvency or insolvency proceedings and/or termination of contracts.

It is expected that on 17th March 2020 the Council of Ministers will approve a set of rules which will be key for the correct evaluation and implementation of many of these measures. We will keep you timely updated about their content.

We trust that this situation will only temporarily affect our clients and that we will all be able to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Mariscal Abogados