Mariscal Abogados offers a talk to American law students

Mariscal Abogados offered a talk with future American law students of The Lex Fellowship. The Lex Fellowship, an educational institution based in Washington DC and founded by prestigious North American professors, focuses primarily on the development of motivational and exchange programs for future American law students. With this talk, students of The Lex Foundation had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the experience of an international law firm like Mariscal Abogados in the area of corporate law.

The talk took place at the Illustre Colegio de Abogados in Madrid, next to the offices of the firm. The event was directed by Alberto Alvarez, attorney and partner at Mariscal Abogados.

The conference was structured in two parts. First, there was a practice case in the area of mergers and acquisitions; next, there was a discussion about the best formula for introducing a new product in the Spanish market.