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Financial Technology, an exciting upcoming industry

FinTech is becoming one of the most influential sectors within the economy. It has simplified mundane and extensive tasks in many industries through technological innovation within the financial sector. Law firms are starting to benefit from FinTech through different tools, which could possibly lead to law firms becoming smaller entities as more work is left to computers.

Patents and the protection of inventions in Spain

As an intangible asset of a company, a patent is an economic tool. It provides its owner with a competitive advantage by granting a monopoly that enables the owner to prohibit any use of the invention without the owner’s consent.

Ley de Protección de datos

The right of withdrawal in the context of online shopping in Spain

The right of withdrawal is the most important consumer right concerning long distant selling contracts as established in the Spanish consumer protection act Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios (TRLGDCU).

What is the legal deposit of a website or blog?

The new regulation on the procedures for managing websites and blogs is to preserve bibliographic content and permit its access for cultural, research and informational purposes.

The legal deposit procedure for online publications in Spain

In Spain the conservation centres determine which online publication should be in the legal deposit to be conserved.

Registering distance selling companies in Spain

Distance selling has increased significantly in recent years, thus requiring knowledge of the registration requirements for distance companies in the Distance Selling Companies Registry.

Relationship between money laundering and the protection of data in Spain

The new regulation regarding the prevention of money laundering crimes and the financing of terrorism affects some conditions of the legislation regarding the protection of personal data information in Spain.

Penalties and Sanctions for digital identity theft in Spain

In Spain, no specific regulation governs the crime of digital identity theft. However, the rights of individuals on the Internet can be defended by a combination of the Spanish Penal Code articles and sanctions can be issued.

The LOPD and money laundering in Spain

This article tries to reflect on the relations between two legislations that in principle have nothing in common, but that are called upon to relate to each other, thus it decides the legislator, which is essential for the good functioning of the business of the obligated parties.

Applicable Law to mobile applications in Spain

The possibility of spying on mobile devices has demonstrated the need for Spanish companies to search for legal means of protecting themselves against possible complaints by clients concerning potential loss or theft of information. The different types of mobile applications – online or offline, invasive or non-invasive – determine the rules that are to be followed.