Entrepreneurial measures spain

The 50 measures of Spain’s Entrepreneurial Strategy

Spain’s Entrepreneurial Nation 50 measures put the focus on the startups, and,pursue four goals: to accelerate the maturity of investment in Spain; to attract, retain and develop talent; to step up the scalability of Spanish companies; and to turn the public administration into an entrepreneurial sector that generates favourable regulatory.

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equal pay law Spain

The Equal Pay Law in Spain

Royal Decree 902/2020 on equal pay incorporates, among others, the obligation for companies to establish a pay register disaggregated by sex and by professional category.

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E-money institutions in Spain

Electronic money institutions must be authorized by the Banco de España and follow the regulations of Law 21/2011 of 26 July on electronic money and Royal Decree 778/2012 of 4 May on the legal framework for electronic money institutions.

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Remote working Law in Spain

The Spanish government has finally regulated the law on remote working in Spain, which lacked specific regulations and which, since the beginning of the pandemic, has increased significantly in the country.

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