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Interlocutor Único de Nudo IUN

The Interlocutor Único de Nudo (IUN)

Royal Decree 1183/2020, of 29th December 2020, includes substantial modification regarding the granting procedure concerning grid connection feed-in permits for energy projects in Spain. Important innovations concern notably the unification of the award procedure and the often-criticised ‘Interlocutor Único de Nudo’ (IUN).

control employees Spain

Management control over the employees in Spain

Under article 20.3 of the Workers’ Statute, companies in Spain may adopt measures for surveillance and control of their workers. The new technological developments, however, limit this power in terms of the control systems used.

regulation feed-in permits spain

Regulation for grid connection and feed-in permits in Spain

The new regulations for grid connection and feed-in permits in Spain aim to solve the existing problems and increase the investment in photovoltaic projects in Spain.

rights shareholders Spain

The rights of minority shareholders in Spain

The rights of minority shareholders in Spain include getting documentation and information, requesting a notary at the meeting to record the minutes, or withdrawing from the company, among others.

corporate measures Spain

Corporate and contractual flexibility measures in Spain

In Spain, the trend towards digitalisation of company law was already a fact born with the amendment of the Capital Companies Act dated on 2011. The new mechanisms introduced because of Covid-19 have boosted them.

roles spanish companies

Relevant roles in the Spanish companies

In Spanish companies the “Consejero Delegado” refers to the Managing Director, the Consejo de Adminsitración designates the Board of Directors and the “Administradores Solidarios” are the Joint Directors.

Spain Entrepreneurial Strategy

Spain’s Entrepreneurial Strategy: The main sectors involved

Spain’s Entrepreneurial Strategy will focus on various sectors to make Spain a fully entrepreneurial country by 2030. Industry, energy, telecommunications, or biotechnology are only some of the main sectors that will help with the conversion.

enforcement financial guarantees

The enforcement of financial guarantees in photovoltaic projects in Spain

The submission and acceptance for prior administrative authorization, the favourable environmental impact statement, or the administrative authorization for construction are some administrative requirements established in the new Royal Decree-Law 23/2020.

Voting permits Madrid elections

24 2021 4th May Elections in Madrid: Voting permits

The elections for the presidency of the Community of Madrid will be held on a working day. Companies must provide necessary leave for their employees to exercise their right to vote.

RD 901/2020

Features of the RD 901/2020

Royal Decree 901/2020 aims to reduce the wage disparity in Spain and achieve equality between men and women in the workplace, establishing a minimum content of the equality plans.