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enforcement financial guarantees

The enforcement of financial guarantees in photovoltaic projects in Spain

The submission and acceptance for prior administrative authorization, the favourable environmental impact statement, or the administrative authorization for construction are some administrative requirements established in the new Royal Decree-Law 23/2020.

Voting permits Madrid elections

24 2021 4th May Elections in Madrid: Voting permits

The elections for the presidency of the Community of Madrid will be held on a working day. Companies must provide necessary leave for their employees to exercise their right to vote.

RD 901/2020

Features of the RD 901/2020

Royal Decree 901/2020 aims to reduce the wage disparity in Spain and achieve equality between men and women in the workplace, establishing a minimum content of the equality plans.

Entrepreneurial measures spain

The 50 measures of Spain’s Entrepreneurial Strategy

Spain’s Entrepreneurial Nation 50 measures put the focus on the startups, and,pursue four goals: to accelerate the maturity of investment in Spain; to attract, retain and develop talent; to step up the scalability of Spanish companies; and to turn the public administration into an entrepreneurial sector that generates favourable regulatory.

equal pay law Spain

The Equal Pay Law in Spain

Royal Decree 902/2020 on equal pay incorporates, among others, the obligation for companies to establish a pay register disaggregated by sex and by professional category.

F: Pros and cons of the arbitration clause in business contracts

Pros and cons of the arbitration clause in business contracts

The arbitration clause in commercial contracts allows the parties to submit the resolution of any disputes to the decision of an arbitration court. Its pros and cons need an assessment on a case-by-case basis.

labour milestones spain

Relevant labour milestones in Spain for 2021

While in 2021 gender equality plans and salary registers become compulsory for companies, the temporary layoff procedures (ERTEs) are extended until the end of May.

F: Corporate and insolvency measures in Spain

Summary Table of the Procedural and Insolvency Measures of the Law 3/2020

The COVID- 19 health crisis has led to delays in the Spanish courts due to its paralysation during the State of Alarm. In the coming months, the Administration of Justice should adapt to the new normality and anticipate a possible increase in litigation and insolvency proceedings, mainly from 2021.

E-money institutions in Spain

Electronic money institutions must be authorized by the Banco de España and follow the regulations of Law 21/2011 of 26 July on electronic money and Royal Decree 778/2012 of 4 May on the legal framework for electronic money institutions.

F: pre-insolvency proceedings

Objectives and Advantages of pre-insolvency proceedings

One of the advantages of the pre-insolvency proceedings is that it stops the execution of judicial enforcement of properties and rights so that the company can continue with its professional activity.